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How it works

How Goodybag works

Companies use Goodybag to place catering orders at your restaurant

How Goodybag works

You'll be instantly notified of an order by phone, email, and text.

How Goodybag works

You prepare and deliver the food, and we pay you for the order.

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"In less than 3 weeks my business has tripled. The staff is courterous, polite, and reliable. I'm getting to serve people who would have never heard of me. I can't say enough good things."
Brandon Pierce
Boss Hogs Kitchen
Goodybag has led us to many very successful clients. The staff at Goodybag has been awesome to work with and is always eager to promote our services."
Justin Avalos
Mister FruitCup
"Goodybag has been a tremendous help in providing catering business. I'm very glad I signed up with them, thanks for all the extra business and revenue!"
Rehan Awan
Silver Grill Cafe

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