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I started using Goodybag this past week and already I am questioning what I EVER did without you guys! You have taken so much stress out of my day by being available to chat, e-email, and do all the leg work I normally have to do myself. Not only does it make my job easier, but it also helps me discovering catering options that I was never aware of. Now we do not have to eat the same boxed lunches everyday!!! THANK YOU GOODYBAG! Your staff deserves a HUGE pat on the back!
Kristen Reilly
"I ordered for a meeting of 30 people and they all LOVED it! It was exactly what I ordered, neat, and on time."
-Stephanie Donohoe
"Goodybag -- your service is splendid, your site seamless, and your company is a pleasure to work with"
-John Jordan
"Great service! Great attitude and always able to get back to me in record speed. Definitely use Goodybag for my company’s food services."
-Kelly Wu
"I like the ease of not having to tip and sign the credit card before the driver leaves. They can just set up the items and take off and getting an itemized receipt is just a couple clicks away on the Goodybag website. Thanks again, y’all!"
-Frances Iacovazzi
"Thank you for all the work you have done for us. Being able to enter my order in via my desktop or mobile saves me exponential time. I love the fact that I know what is available, and love seeing new vendors pop up. In short, Goodybag rocks!"
-Lisa Gauna
"Last week was my first time to use Goodybag and the service was awesome! An online rep helped me place my first order and the food was delivered on time and delicious."
-Karen Welsh
"Thank you Goodybag for making my job easy :)"
-Amanda Adame
"I will use you as much as humanly possible for the sheer convenience! Thank you so much."
-Jennifer Carrier
"I just placed my first order and it was a breeze!"
-Clarice Barry
"The staff at Goodybag never fail to come through even when I am calling in the morning for a big order that afternoon. I totally leave it to them and the staff here has loved every single restaurant and menu they have picked for us. The deliveries are always on time and I have never had to wait to be helped. Thank you all so so so much!!"
-Catherine Lewis
"I can’t say enough good things about Goodybag! It is a great resource for our business because it has a large, easy to search database with local caterers. Everything is done online, so deliveries are a breeze and invoicing is easy to track. The customer service is rocking and a pleasure to work with every time. Thanks for being awesome!"
-Victoria Melcher
"I have nothing but positive things to say about Goodybag! I love the clean layout of the website. It makes it extremely easy to navigate. I love how many filters I can use to specify what I am looking for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have staff readily available in the ‘chat with us!’ section. It is so easy to make last minute changes and chat with a staff member who is so thorough and friendly."
-Jasmin Palacios
"The service was great. Very convenient to order from several different companies for training over a 3 day period from breakfast, lunch to even afternoon snacks."
-Kim Jorschick
"I am very happy with Goodybag. I love that I can jump online, order, and chat with someone about my order. The chat has been so helpful I can not tell you."
-Veronica Martinez
"Thank you for the great customer service. That alone will make you stand out among other food service sites. Keep it coming, Goodybag!"
-Aleta Garcia

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